Complete Your Paperwork

Procedure for Registration of Change of Name :

Documents required

  1. Please submit Requisition form: 16.1 duly filled & signed.
  2. Please submit undertaking form with required personal details and photograph affixed.
  3. Kindly provide copy of latest electricity bill (of the premises for which you are applying for change of name) duly paid.
  4. Pay a Transfer Fees of Rs. 25/- (Single Phase) or Rs. 50/- (Three Phase) and Security Deposit (Equivalent to one month's electricity bill.)
    (All the forms mentioned above are available at all Divisional Customer Care Centre free of cost.)
  5. Existing security deposit can be transferred to the new account if the customer can produce the receipt or a No Objection Certificate from the registered customer.
  6. The applicant shall always submit the application in person. In case the applicant is unable to submit the application in person, he/she can submit the same through an authorised person duly authorised by a letter of authority (in prescribed format) having a specimen signature of the representative.
  7. All NOC’s are to be submitted as per the prescribed format along with the Photo ID of the signatory.

Documentary evidence to be submitted.

(Please bring required original documents and one photocopy. After verification at the counter we will retain photocopies of the documents. Please remember all agreements/sale deed/affidavit should be duly notarized or registered.)

1. Ownership

A. For Registered Housing/Industrial Societies:

  1. Agreement/purchase/sale deed with the present Registered Consumer OR share certificate of Registered Society.
  2. Latest (not more than 3 Months old) Maintenance Bill in the applicant's name duly certified and stamped by society OR NOC
  3. (Duly stamped - No Objection Certificate) from the registered Housing/Industrial Society.

B. For Unregistered Housing Societies:

  1. Agreement/purchase/sale deed with the present Registered Consumer
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the present Registered Consumer (in case of builder/developer NOC should be on original letterhead duly stamped). OR latest Maintenance Bill certified and duly stamped from proposed society (not more than 3 months old)

C. For Ownership/Bungalow Type:

  1. Agreement/purchase/sale deed with the present Registered Consumer.
  2. Property tax receipt in the Applicant's Name (if agreement is more than one year old).
2. Rental (Item 1 is mandatory and any one of balance items.)
  1. Latest Rent Receipt Originals for verification (not older than 3 months).
  2. NOC from the landlord in original (along with a photo ID proof of landlord for signature verification)
  3. NOC from the present Registered Consumer in originals (along with a photo ID proof of registered consumer for signature verification)
3.Death of Resident
  1. Death Certificate of Registered Consumer.
  2. Documentary proof of natural succession like Succession Certificate/Probate of will (Originals for verification)/affidavit swearing succession cum NOC from other legal heir other than spouse of Registered Consumer.
  3. Ration Card/Photo Pass/Election Card in the applicant's name.
  1. Sale deed/Agreement with registered consumer or allotment letter from Government (stamp paper should be of minimum Rs. 100/- only and notarised. The date of purchase of stamp paper shall not be more than 6 months prior to making the document)
  2. Ration Card/photopass/election card/chawl committee letter.
  1. Quarters' allotment letter in the applicant's name.
6.For common amenities belonging to registered Co-operative Housing Societies (e.g. Lifts, Water pumps and other common facilities.)
  1. Society's Request on their letterhead (duly stamped and signed by either of the office bearers).
7.LTP II with residential or commercial category/HTP
  1. Documentary evidence in support of lawful occupancy.
  2. Company's Registration Certificate/Partnership deed.
  3. Consent letter from existing consumer agreeing to change of name.
  4. NOC from Mumbai Municipal Corporation/Director of Industries/Shops and Establishment's license in applicant's name.
  5. Memorandum/Articles of Association in case of modification of name by the same consumer.
  6. Test report from Licensed Electrical Contractor
8.For MHADA cases: (Any one of the following items 1 & 2)
  1. Allotment letter from MHADA along with MHADA latest maintenance receipt.
  2. OR
  3. Transfer letter from MHADA along with MHADA latest Maintenance receipt.
  4. OR
  5. Incase MHADA premises has been formed in to a Registered Society conditions as per 1A would be applicable.

For commercial establishments, Gumasta licensee in applicant’s name or Gumasta application receipt with MCGM acknowledgment is mandatory, except for all commercial establishments having an agreement of sale (Registered and stamp duty paid) between the registered customer and the applicant.

(i) Process for disconnected cases will be completed only when billing Starts after reconnection.
(ii) HTP consumers may contact their Key Account Manager or visit Divisional Office.
(iii) Please note that the details of name and address in all the required documents must be same.
(iv) In case of joint ownership, the applicant should produce NOC from co-owners.

(We reserve the right to re-transfer the connection and security deposit to the previous consumer's name in the event of any dispute.)