Find here one of the most convenient ways to pay your bill - online payment using credit cards, net banking or ITZ cash cards.

Pay by phone

Traveling most of the time? You can easily & conveniently pay the bill by your mobile phone. How? Get your answer here.

Drop boxes

Find our drop boxes at the most convenient locations across the city!
So pay your electricity bill, any time, anywhere. Click here and find the nearest Drop Box.

Easy bill outlets

Even some specified Kirana shops and medical shops have been authorised to receive your payment. They receive both in cash and Cheques? Know more about them here.

Cash counters

Want to pay your bill in cash? There are specific counters at our divisional centres. Find here the address of the most convenient centre for you.

Electronic clearing service (ECS)

Fill a mandate form and let the bank do the rest. Your bank will pay your electricity bill by debiting a specified amount directly from your bank account, every month. Learn more.

Voluntary deposit scheme (VDS)

Earn from your electricity bill! Register for the voluntary deposit scheme and enjoy the interest of 7 % p.a. Not only this, the scheme offers you a lot more. Click here and explore the benefits.

Collecting bank branches

Your convenience matters to us the most. We have joined hands with various banks for you to easily pay your electricity bill. Click here and find the bank branch nearest to you.

By post

Pay your bill by posting us your Cheques directly. Click here and know more.