Know your bill

Your bill is a two page document containing sixteen sections on two sides with front view and back view.

1) Account information
Find your account related details i.e. your name, address, account no. , bill date, your tariff category, type of supply etc. in this section
2) Bill at a glance
At one glance find your bill amount, billing month and due date for payments. Also view your bill summary – amount charged, your previous payment due if any, current months consumption compared to consumption in same month last year
3) Important message
Get personlised messages regarding services availed by you such as ECS transactions, meter reading dates etc.
4) Track your consumption
Find your electricity consumption pattern during last 12 months. These are your consumption patterns depending upon seasonal fluctuations.
5) Post-it space
Get a glimpse on any offer, advertisement or educative message every month
6) Contact details
How to reach us?
This section covers our toll free number, details of customer care centre in your area, website address, email id and details of consumer grievance redressal forum to resolve your issues if any pertaining to our services
7) Advertisement space
This section is related to advertisements by our clients as well as any contest or offers on energy efficient appliances by Reliance energy
8) Payment slip
This section is the bill receipt that you get once you have made payment at our cash collection centres. It also mentions important points to be remembered while making payments through cheque